Our Farm Partner

Jen Rosenthal, proprietor and farmer of Planted Chicago is our very own farmer! Through her partnership with Folkart Management Group, she not only supplies A10, but also sister restaurants Yusho, Billy Sunday and Old Irving Brewing—in addition to a handful of other top-notch Chicago dining establishments! 

Planted Chicago

Jen is exceptionally passionate about her produce and a farm-to-table relationship, which is a relationship that goes both ways! Our chefs regularly work with her to pick new crops to try and our teams are regularly invited down to the urban farm to help harvest, plant or just tour the farm to watch the progress and learn about the product at every step of the way.

Jen also won first place as in the 2016 International Leaders in Urban Agriculture Awards—no small feat.


A 10 Staff Visits Gunthorp Farms

Last summer we had a chance to visit the beautiful pastoral setting on the other side of the Indiana border! Our staff had the opportunity to interact with the farmers, check out the facilities and see the spacious and humane ways the animals are raised, live and how they eventually leave the farm.

The Gary Comer Youth Center

This youth center dedicated towards enriching the lives of young people across the South Side serves the community in variety of ways—beyond various services they provide and amazing produce they grow, they teach a whole age range the merits of farming, sustainability healthy eating and cooking!

Our own Chef Alec Sherman partners with the Center for cooking demonstrations and benefit dinners. We're happy to invite youth interested in the restaurant industry into A 10 to see it first hands through out summer-long volunteer program!

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Other Farmers + Friends

Gunthorp Farms - La Grange, Indiana (144 Miles)

Seedling Farm - South Haven, Michigan (79 Miles)

Timeless Prairie Orchard - Winthorp, Iowa (217 Miles)

Catalpa Grove - Dwight, Illinois (65 Miles)

Nichols Farm & Orchard - Marengo, Illinois (71 Miles)

Mick Klug Farm - St. Joseph, Michigan (61 Miles)

Gary Comer Youth Center - Chicago, Illinois (2.6 Miles)

Cook County Jail - Chicago, Illinois (6.3 Miles)

Garfield Produce - Chicago, Illinois (8.8 Miles)

Green Acres - North Judson, Indiana (81 Miles)

A Family Partnership

Nearly 20 years ago, Greg Gunthorp took his fourth generation hog farm to the next level, beginning a fine-dining partnership at Chef Merges' alma mater, Charlie Trotter's, and expanding to become one of the premiere pasture pig farmers serving the Chicago area. Since then, he's built a USDA inspected meat processing plant on site and expanded into the fowl market. His adult children now play integral roles carrying on the family tradition and pushing the operations forward, including into smoked and cured meats—as well as a soon to be released charcuterie line!

Go to their site for more on their wonderful products and process!

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